William Sidis, the Man With the Highest IQ

William Sidis, the Man With the Highest IQ

All the organs in the body have their specific purposes, however, some organs are more vital than the others. Organs like the heart and the brain okay the most vital roles in human beings. The heart pumps blood to parts of the body and to the other most important organ, the human brain. Our brains are the centers for all the processes in living, it has numerous functions. Thinking and reasoning are its most important roles, humans’ ability to think separates us from animals, making us a higher species. Intelligence is required to do every reasonable activity required by humans to do.

People’s ability to tap into their smartness makes them superior to other humans. All human beings are born with equal intelligence but the ability to use in daily activities and tackling problems determines how intelligent they seem. Living comes with problems or difficult tasks which require humans to be smart while building intelligence. People that display high levels of smartness often get awarded as they stand out from others. Scientists that make breakthroughs in science get awarded Nobel Prizes.

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A way to determine how smart a scientist is by the amount of this award they have. Once smart methods are applied to normal life’s activities, the activities are done faster while it gradually gets easier. IQ or Intelligence Quotient is the degree that measures how smart a person is. It provides a series of tests to check the person’s ability to use their minds to tackle problems.

These tests are not often very difficult but are mostly tricky. In IQ tests, test subjects are tested for their cognitive skills like using their minds to reason or simple logic. The average score is 100, meaning a little below or a little higher guarantees that you are of normal intelligence.

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Scientifically, the range of 80 to 115, which is normal compared to those who have higher than 140 and lower than 75. The name affiliated with smartness is Albert Einstein, the German scientist who did things that shocked people that had knowledge about him. Born in the Ulm city of Germany, he grew up to become the greatest theoretical physicist ever. Einstein’s theories influenced physics and science completely as they were thoughtfully conceived. Among these was his contribution to the philosophy of science, which made science clearer. Einstein could smartly merge science with philosophy in a way other scientists could not in decades. Albert’s ability to be smart got him citizenship in other countries aside from Germany.

While alive, he was a citizen of Austria, Germany as well as the Kingdom of Prussia, its free state and the United States, where he died in 1955. Since Einstein’s life’s goals were based on relating science with human lifestyle, Albert came up with relatable theories like General relativity and Special relativity. General relativity which was coined up by this smart man made gravitation understandable as it relates to space and time. Subsequently, there were theories from other scientists but Einstein’s stood out due to its simplicity and correlation with experimental data. Even with how grand the gravitational theory is, there were numerous others brought up by this legendary scientist.

William Sidis, the Man With the Highest IQ

Nevertheless, even with all his achievements or great discoveries, Albert Einstein is not recorded as the smartest man. Meanwhile, Albert had a stunning IQ of 170, which was already higher than the average human IQ, this man was more than 80 points higher than him. His name was Williams James Sidis, a man who was not as popular but was regarded as the smartest. William was an exceptional mathematician, he could calculate multiple sums without calculators. This man wrote multiple books while understanding multiple dialects.

Even though children aged 8 usually played around with toys, it was either that or throwing tantrums. Sidis was unlike normal children at that age, at age 8, he could speak 8 different languages fluently. The best part was that he thought of himself in all 8 languages, these included Latin, Greek, Russian, Hebrew, Turkish and Armenian. Sources claim at that tender age, Sidis invented a personal language called vendorgood. This intellect could just be natural or is owing to the fact he already had geniuses for parents.

William’s father held 4 degrees from the prestigious Harvard University as a psychologist while his mother was a smart medical doctor. Of all those achievements, his enrollment into Harvard University at age 9 was considered part of his most impressive ones. Even though he qualified, he was accepted 2 years later, making him the youngest person to enter the University. Sidis was so smart that at a young age in college, he was tutoring lecturers in mathematics.

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