The Unpopular Smartest Person

The Unpopular Smartest Person

Smart people are easy to be noticed due to the kind of lifestyle they embrace. Their lives are surrounded mostly by solutions to the challenges available. The intelligence of smart people may not necessarily include the ability to read and write but the general life tactics that are extraordinary from the ordinary. The general population of smart individuals is relatively low compared to that of moderate intellectual people.

There was a man in a neighborhood who had big brains and few people knew about him. Peter Evans Oyoo was barely educated as his education did not proceed to higher levels. According to his family, Peter was a humorous son as he could entertain his two brother siblings and the family most of the time. Evans could draw images of the family members including pets, and their appearance on the drawing paper was almost real. Molding of pots as well as beauty equipment were a luxury. People who lived near their homestead were amazed by Peter’s skills and ordered several artistic objects from him.

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In the rural areas where the family lived there was no electricity connection from urban places. Businesses used to close as early as 6pm because of darkness that fell in the village. Evans decided to connect long electric wires into a pit latrine that had been in use for over ten years. Before the two electric wires were dropped into the pit latrine, they were tied to the dry cells, each wire to either positive or negative end. In pit latrines, human waste decomposes to produce microbial energy. Electric wires were used to conduct energy through the dry cells to light up bulbs on the other ends.

Most of Oyoo’s neighbors embraced the lighting innovation and started utilizing their pit latrines to light up their community. Businesses boomed as more time was created by light. Due to the availability of light, fraud was reduced as most homesteads were lit to drive away thieves. Landscaping skills were part of Young Oyoo’s performance since he surprisingly drew up a plan for the same before working on it. He mixed different ornamental plants with different flower colors, yet the result was appealing to the eyes. Grass was watered every day to maintain a green environmental aspect of beauty.

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Waste management knowledge is mainly acquired in learning institutions where different methods are explained. With Peter, management of waste was an inborn skill that he put into use from an early age. Oyoo possibly sorted biodegradable waste from non-biodegradable waste, a trend that spilled throughout their settlement. As a teenager, Oyoo could perfectly help in designing roofs of smaller houses without any form of technical training. When planning about work, could often isolate himself from others and spend a good period of time biting his little fingers.

A great piece of work that Oyoo did was designing a two-storey house for his parents. He mainly used wood in making floors that were the talk of the village as they fitted perfectly to the walls. Peter was a polite instructor during the establishment of the house as he directed those who helped in construction. Villagers marveled at this mastery, yet he was not a product of a university or college that were believed to produce such minds.

The Unpopular Smartest Person

Peter was never a violent youth but understood his position as well as rights. It was a rare occasion for Evans to argue with others but welcomed views as well as new ideas from anyone. Since the village was located near a conservation area that had wild animals in it, poultry as well as livestock were at a risk of being preyed on. Animals such as leopards, cheetahs, hyenas as well as lions roamed around the village at night. Evans invented a device in the form of a bell that he placed in the bedroom. A long thread extended from the device to the obvious routes of these wild animals, and was loosely tied to a plant.

When animals pass through, the thread can untie and cause the device to pull to its side because of the weight. The pulling effect would make the device hit the ground and make a high-pitched sound that was an alert to anyone in the house. Almost every homestead installed this device that later helped reduce human-wildlife conflict.

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