The Smartest Person Ever Known

The Smartest Person Ever Known

Nature provides humanity with enormous gifts to live a wonderful life and being smart is inclusive. Being smart comes with many attributes that few men can boast of. Nevertheless, there is a smart set of humans and Elon Musk seems to be the smartest of them all.

Elon Musk is a great American technology leader who grew up in Pretoria. He was so intuitive that nobody could have done what was done. The story of SpaceX began after the expedition with the boring company. Seeing the conjunction in South Carolina, the thought of eliminating traffic by building an underground road. Though the traffic was minimized, this smart guy told himself that America might not be good for humans in the near future, so it would be better to find an alternative.

Smart men are usually blunt in

He then corroborated with NASA to encourage Mars exploration. Elon is the smartest man who trusts in the audacity of his dreams. Musk does not mistake intuition for hallucinations or mere dreams. He hopes in himself so much that you will be forced to trust in him. If you have seen Musk describing himself or his past, you will realize what it means to be open-minded. The founder of Tesla told the interviewer that his father was capable of all evil. You may think that he was insulting his father but looking at his family, you may imagine that the feeling that his father had of his mother could be the reason for such treatment.

Smart men are usually blunt in their deliberations because their words are part of them. It does not make sense to lie, especially when nothing is even at stake. That does not mean that you should be open headed in the sense that you would vomit everything to you. You can imagine the political affiliation of Elon, he is for both democracy and Republicans. Knowing that technology affects humans more than politics is enough to keep Musk focused.

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The smartest man thinks that humans should be independent of others even as much as helping others to gain independence. Independence here does not mean that they do not need anybody at all. It only means that they are good enough to live with just minimal help. This attribute makes them stubborn especially if it concerns a tried principle of life like the truth. Elon is seen as angry if you say anything against Tesla. He claims that Tesla is essential to humanity and by the look of things, it sounds logical.

Some men are smart nevertheless they understand that more is needed for their knowledge. Smarts take their time to be reflective of events in the environment. They do not joke with reading time as tons of books are available for them. Like the adage said that reading makes a man, reading made Musk what he is. It is on record that Musk never knew anything about rocketry until he took the time to study them.

The Smartest Person Ever Known

The smartest man who is widely known makes mistakes but mistakes do not deter them from trying new things. In fact, you will be surprised when their laughter is the loudest if jokes are cracked about their mistakes. Lightheartedness is a trademark as it is not even healthy to be too serious. Exploration is seeking new terrain which seems impossible because they know that failure is a path to begin again. This does not mean that they plunge into failure in things that they could not do. Smart guys know their limits, it is foolish to spend time doing something that you are not good at. Imagine if Elon was busy studying Medicine and Surgery or joined the army.

Another spectacular thing about Elon is that he listens to the general opinion of the public. Listening to others does not necessarily mean that you are skeptical about your decision. It means that you would like to learn to reinvent yourself using people’s opinions without changing your decisions. A commentator once said that Tesla was not feasible but Elon took the time to listen to him to assimilate the reason to work out those reasons. Elon understands that naysayers should be heard because a different perspective of an idea is needed to make the idea a reality.

You can see that being witty, clever, timely, resourceful, intuitive, wise, creative comes with smartness. Being smart may come with genetics but you can also be smart by studying the life of a knowledgeable personality.

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