Elon Musk, a Progeny of Success

Elon Musk, a Progeny of Success

Elon Musk is a man whose hard work paid off. He is not the smartest as the smartest man is Christopher Langan. Elon was not at the top of the class even though he was a bright student. One cannot even name him as the strongest because there are the likes of Anthony Joshua who can comfortably beat him without practicing. The best way to describe Elon Musk is a man who has dreams, believes his dreams, and stays awake to make them real without giving attention to naysayers. Before going deeper into the storyline, it would be nice to say that anything conceptual is possible.

Musk grew up with his father after his parents divorced in Pretoria. It could be that their divorce affected him that he had to make reading books a distraction technique. When readers read, they live their lives twice; their lives and the lives of the authors. Fortunately, living twice has a wonderful advantage of avoiding all mistakes of first life and doing better the good things that rewarded you. Such happened to Elon as his imagination widened. Due to Canadian affiliation, he could leave for a better education in North America.

Musk's achievement shows that problems can

It is not contradictory to think of Elon as the smartest due to some habits that made him. Focus! The spouse of his first marriage said that the kind of attention which Elon gives to plans is comparable to that which Buddhist monks give during their meditation. He will try to understand the best way to get things done and the most detailed way to avoid hiccups. No matter how daunting things are, he does not give up. Elon Musk himself said that he could not afford good accommodation while he was coding to build software with a younger brother. In that uncomfortable condition, they still could code for twelve hours straight daily till they could achieve their goals.

Musk’s achievement shows that problems can be seen differently. The story of the Boring industry and SpaceX says it all. Stuck in a traffic jam in Southern California, instead of ranting about the government’s inability to give a lasting solution to the increasing population in the place, this great solution provider began to think of a solution as if in administration. The Boring owner just realized that roads can be built underground to ease the jam. SpaceX came into being because Musk was concerned about the polluted state of the earth.

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Because it is predicted that the earth may be destroyed one day, Musk thought that it is more proactive to find another home for man. Since Musk knew that Mars would serve such a purpose, the best thing to do is to explore Mars. Elon went on to start building cheaper rockets that will help man to travel to Mars in case of any eventuality. Like any other successful man, Elon Musk works super hard as he has faith in the beauty of dreams. SpaceX owners know that the way to bring others to help in the actualization process is if they feel the guts with which you execute your plans.

When Musk came up with the idea of tesla, not only did the market tell him how unready they are, a commentator called the tesla project a hot mess. Despite all these sayings, Tesla’s founder invested a huge amount of money to work it out. Elon Musk targeted to build about five hundred thousand Tesla cars within a time frame and did it. Seeing that achievement, this smart guy targeted to build a million cars the following year and also reached that target.

Elon Musk, a Progeny of Success

Apart from being sincere with himself, Musk is respectful to even employees. An adage says that a tree cannot make a forest without the help of other trees. Elon knows that and tries hard to be in a good relationship with politicians. Musk would often call himself half Republican, half Democrat. Elon sponsored so many political ambitions and actively engaged in politics. Anybody who has confidence in himself is bound to succeed in life. Confidence gives one authority to plan time judiciously and achieve his aim.

Though Elon Musk is not the smartest man on earth, his dreams are so impossible but achievable that anybody can call him the smartest.

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