A Successful Entrepreneur With A Low IQ

A Successful Entrepreneur With A Low IQ

Success in various sectors is usually related to someone’s IQ with the notion that it’s the only guaranteed way to fame. Like other successful traders, this tradition is not followed by Mwaba Wankie. He is a seasoned entrepreneur who currently runs a successful airline, and more than eleven boutiques in Zambia. As expected, the journey to pursuing his dreams started with severe criticism around him. Sometimes, tantrums could prove to be the main enemy because he finds it difficult to control himself when challenged. Such moments used to misrepresent him as someone with little or no self-control. It is important to give credit where it’s due, even if you are not convinced in full.

Mwaba enjoys building successful teams by providing leadership whenever an opportunity arises. He was not expected to make much impact in the business discipline with a low IQ. But misconceptions of this kind were going to be silenced soon enough and just in time. According to him, success does not have to put you on trial. When surrounded by the right tools, environment, and clear objectives, you are ready. Entering the aviation industry is not an undertaking for the weak. Those who have tried and managed to go in with determination ended up disappointed.

When working as a receptionist at

This entrepreneur started on a path of learning all the little pieces available and necessary to run a business in aviation. Looking at the level of analytical comprehension, you can expect him to give in at any moment along the way. But such an option does not exist either in his dictionary, or vocabulary. The driving force, or motivation he derives, is reaching a goal with what can be managed within his capacity. Mobilizing the team under him almost comes naturally and effortlessly. One thing notable about him is the way his flawless memory has gained him prestigious nicknames and titles.

When working as a receptionist at a perfume manufacturing company, his memory was an asset. You only introduce yourself once, the next day you will not need to repeat your details, even if many of you met him that day. Instead of isolating himself, you will usually find him surrounded by intelligent people. From the experience at the reception, a network of friends followed behind him. Some of these people were lawyers, doctors, business tycoons, bankers, and more.

With a lot of experience running

After opening a small boutique, the same friends became reliable clients. When interacting with them, he had come to understand their fashion requirements. In the early stages, when the boutique was just starting, stopping work as a receptionist was not an option. The idea of quitting employment only came after putting himself on a salary at the boutique, and the activities had increased.

With a lot of experience running a successful boutique, opening new ones was easy. That wasn’t enough to feed his quest for fame even though he knew the challenges involved. When he announced the intention to run an airline, everyone laughed. Little did they know what had been going on in the background before making such a statement. Even after getting such a reaction from people around him, the dream hype for fame continued. If you know someone who enjoys adventure, then you have an idea about this entrepreneur.

A Successful Entrepreneur With A Low IQ

The quest for adventure has kept him going and making all the consultations. From the annual savings of the same boutiques he had been running for years, the foundation was set up. He approached a mentor who was a veteran aviation industry consultant. The information received from there was enough to show him which loopholes to work on. Upon partnering with another entrepreneur, the first airplane was bought. But this was a second-hand airplane, and it needed a lot of work to put it back in the air. Repairing that plane took up funds and a lot of time.

As success would have it, he owns many airplanes and, the airline is still running. Smart characters may not always be intelligent with every calculation and deep analysis. They can mobilize the best minds doing such tasks while taking care of their remunerations. But with the gift of an excellent memory, following up on business transitions is easy. The low IQ hasn’t impeded making it up to the top in pursuing his dreams. In some ways, it acted as motivation to keep him moving ahead step by step.

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