Taj Mahal: history, architecture and love

Taj Mahal: history, architecture and love

A long time ago I had the opportunity to visit the Taj Mahal. I still can not get the words to describe that incredible experience. For a moment I felt that it was part of Aladdin’s life-action. It is a very unique construction, since it needed 20 thousand workers who worked to achieve such a mausoleum. When I was there I realized that the only construction is not the mausoleum, there are also others that occupy a total of 17 hectares.

The Taj Mahal is a current example of the whole history of India, a culture that draws my attention too much and for that I decided to visit.

In addition, this mausoleum also represents a love story, since an old emperor decided to build it for his favorite wife (as it is known, this culture allows having more than one wife). He did it because she asked him when she was about to die, when she gave birth to her 14th child.

Inside the building are all the tombs of the wives. The biggest one was the preferred one. Something that strikes me as impressive about the Taj Mahal is its color change. Yes, as you read. The walls change color depending on the light that affects them. It was a unique moment that I lived when, as the afternoon fell, the walls changed color.

The Taj Mahal is currently the most popular of the monuments that have been declared Wonders of the World lately. I recommend to visit it in winter and autumn, since the rest of the year is too hot. You do not have to worry about finding a hotel, it’s easy. What you should take into consideration is that you must eat at the hotel, since in the city there is no a good gastronomic offer.

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