At the height of Machu Picchu

At the height of Machu Picchu

I was recently making a trip through Peru and several locals told me that I should visit Machu Picchu. I had overheard it, had seen photos and documentaries. The truth is that visiting this place does not compare, but not a little, with what we see on television or the Internet. The scenery, the walks, the weather, everything seems to be perfect. Seriously it is an experience that everyone should try. I was quite shocked and that is a little of what I want to tell you today.

Machu Picchu is one of the most visited places in Peru (now I understand why). This limestone architectural piece is located on a high plateau in the depths of the Amazon jungle and you have two ways to get there: by train or by taking a walk. I, for reasons of time, chose the train that leaves Cusco. But someday I will have the opportunity to go back and do the walk. No matter which of the two routes you choose, you will enjoy the road anyway.

The road on the train is impressive, you will travel along the Andean ravines and you will be amazed by the views. I recommend taking your camera to keep a few memories, just as I have.

One recommendation I want to make is to hire a guide. If you trust what you read about the place, that’s fine. But nothing like listening to the Peruvians tell the fantastic stories of Machu Picchu. Also, staying nearby is quite easy, just keep in mind that it is a little expensive. The further you are, it does not mean it will be more economical, but prices will certainly drop slightly. I recommend you be close, there are thousands of tourists who attend and you do not want to stay outside.

You can also eat on site or nearby. Although I recommend you take cookies, snacks and some fruits if you decide to do the tour. Just be respectful and avoid leaving trash.

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